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If you need windows, look no further than this place. They install quality windows, the right way, at the lowest price you'll find. After sitting through six different window company sales pitches, we were almost ready to give up on finding standard sized double hung windows for under $500 each. Being a police officer, I was a little wary of somebody coming in with a low price that blows everyone out of the water. After getting our nine windows installed I can readily give my rave review and recommendation to Milwaukee Windows. The windows were delivered and installed the same day, by competent professionals who left the house cleaner than they found it. We love our new windows and enjoyed working with the company's owner, Ihsan. With no "sales force" he is able to keep his overhead low and pass the savings on to the homeowner. He is the epitome of a "no pressure" salesman. His product and his prices sell themselves. He came out for the measurements, helped with the installation, and came back after the installation to make sure everything was done to his high standards and that we had no issues or complaints. I have already recommended him to family and friends. I'm happy I can save my loved ones the hassle of the high-priced, high-pressure window companies. Give him a call. You will not be disappointed!!!!

Captain Mike G.

Milwaukee, WI


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