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Silence is Golden


Developed to bring added peace and quiet to your home.




The noise problem


Today, it's often difficult to keep outside noise from creeping into the household.  Trains, planes, barking dogs, motorcycles, kids playing and of course traffic are just a few of the things that can disturb the tranquility of the home.


How does Silence is Golden help?


Silence is Golden was designed to significantly reduce noise right at the glass.  Through an innovative set of modifications to the insulated glass unit, Silence is Golden can cut noise dramatically.


How much noise reduction will I realize?


When exterior noise levels are 70dBA, Silence is Golden can provide sound attenuation for interior sound levels that do not exceed 45dBA (see chart below right).


The listing below shows STC and OITC noise ratings for a variety of windows and patio doors.  STC is sound traveling from room to room, while OITC is sound traveling from outdoors to inside.  In both cases, highter numbers mean more noise insulation.  These ratings come from an independent, accredited lab.


Ratings after Silence is Golden (SIG) upgrade:


  • Platinum 2400 Series Double Hung windows with SIG

STC 34 / OITC 28


  • Powerweld Slider windows with SIG

STC 33 / OITC 28


  • Patio Doors with SIG

STC 31 / OITC 26


  • Renaissance Casement windows with SIG

STC 34 / OITC 27



Milwaukee Windows and Patio Doors with the R5 Upgrade


Platinum Series

Renaissance Series

Patio Doors

Powerweld Series Sliding Windows


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