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CleanFree Glass


What is CleanFree Glass?


CleanFree Glass is specifically designed to eliminate frequent, strenuous exterior glass cleaning.  CleanFree is an application added during manufacturing that repels water and prevents the glass surface from being exposed to harsh elements that lead to damage and corrosion.  CleanFree fills in the open pores of the surface of the glass, making the glass clean and smooth at a microscopic level.  This helps your windows stay clean for a much longer period of time.




  • Clarity, visibility and cleanliness

  • Protects surfaces from damage and corrosion

  • Reduces maintenance times and costs

  • Provides easy glass cleaning

  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals




  • CleanFree is applied during the manufacturing process.  So there is no mess involved whatsoever

  • Routine maintenance time is reduced because CleanFree surfaces are easier to clean and always stay cleaner longer

  • CleanFree protects against harsh elements that can cause damage to glass


Milwaukee Windows and Patio Doors with CleanFree Glass


CleanFree is available on all windows, patio doors and storm windows


Powerweld Series 

Platinum Series

Rezilience Series

Renaissance Series

Ultra Tuff Series (Aluminum)

Patio Doors

Storm windows

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